How To Transfrom Potential into Possibilities
 Building Character for Healthy Life Choices

Don’t leave a child’s health, happiness and success to chance! Discover how this interactive, values-based character building program, I Believe I Can Fly!, will facilitate healthy life choices, develop problem solving skills, and instill hope and a positive belief system to increase self esteem.

Learning integrity and “doing the right thing” is a behavioral habit that must be instilled in the implicit memory system at a young age. By integrating neuroscientific, brain-based principles into this empowering program, children discover their inner genius and talents that are then manifested by a series of guided imagery exercises. Ignite the psychological triggers for greatness. 

  1. Learn to identify a child’s core genius and natural gifts to inspire greatness  
  2. Stop bullying, intimidation and aggression before it starts
  3. Learn techniques to eliminate fears, doubts and limiting beliefs
  4. Establishing health as a habit: Eat right and exercise often
  5. Developing compassion, confidence, and perseverance
  6. Implement role playing and role expansion to increase social skills
  7. Encourage, empower and enlighten with daily guided imagery exercises

This program is about conscious choice and instilling the right message, at the right time for RIGHT THINKING. It promises to transform a child’s potential into endless possibilities.

The Entitled Child
How Helicopter Parents and Over-Parenting Can Sabotage Your Child   

 Doing the Right Thing
Making Healthy Life Choices a Habit

Learned integrity and doing the right thing must be instilled in the implicit memory system at a young age. By integrating neuroscientific, brain-based principles into an empowering character building program, I Believe I Can Fly!, children ages 3-10 discover their inner genius and natural potential and talents manifested by a series of guided imagery exercises.  Through visualization and psychological triggers, seeds of greatness are planted into the wise mind and suggestions of healthy life choices are promoted by identifying with admirable characters introduced by a story and acted out in prescribed role playing.

Teach with Passion – Manage with Compassion
Creating Caring Cultures – Giving Children Hope

If your teaching environment has been out-of- control, then these research supported behavioral techniques will bring calm back to your classroom. Learn methods such as Time In vs. Time-Out to swiftly, positively and gracefully avert potential challenges and problems before they surface. By maintaining inclusion rather than exclusion, the child will develop a sense of ownership and personal responsibility for his or her behavior and 
understand the consequences of choices made. 

Learn the “Teaching Power Position” and master the art of setting effective limits which are proportional, logical, reasonable and fair.  You will transform “unsocialized” kids into cooperative and compassionate young children. By developing rules and routines, setting boundaries and clearly communicating expectations, you will transform the children and create a caring community.

Bully Proof Your Kids and Your Classroom
 Teaching Kindness and Compassion to Create Caring Communities

One Day Training Program

Understanding the Roots of Bullying and Violence

  1. Why Are Kids So Mean: Cause, Consequence and Correction
  2. Seven Types of Bullies: Appropriate Responses for Each Type
  3. Weapons without Wisdom: Dangers of the Impulsive Brain
  4. Recognizing Danger Signals: Primal vs. Cognitive Anger
  5. Cyberbullying: Technology’s New Teen Terrorism
  6. The Mean Girl Syndrome

Implementing Systems of Intervention and Prevention

  1. Making Diversity Work: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  2. Converting Bystanders to Upstanders
  3. Creating a Safe Space: School Policies and Procedures That Work
  4. Prevention: Campaigns of Kindness and Compassion
  5. Resilience: Emotional Immunity and Psychological Self Defense
  6. Intervention Tools: Values Contracts, Peer Mediation, Peace Circle etc.
  7. Behavior Management: Techniques to Convert Conflict to Cooperation
  8. Inspired Discipline – Implementing the 5 R’s of Respect:
        Responsibility – Repentance – Resolution – Restitution – Reconciliation
  9. Family and Parents Participation: Creating Caring Communities

Other Programs for Children, Teens, Teachers, Parents, Advocates

Keynotes(All Audiences – Ages – Agencies )

You Gotta Dare to Dream: Think Big – Be BOLD

Stop Bullying Now. Creating Caring Cultures. Giving Children Hope.

Talks for Tweens and Teens: Be Different Like Me

You Gotta Make Your Own Kind of Music: Claiming Our Uniqueness – Celebrating Diversity

Conscious Choice: Destiny by Design – Not Default

Seminars for Teachers, Counselors, Parents and Child Advocates

How to Bully-Proof Your Kid, Your Classroom and the Community

Time to Teach: Techniques for Teacher Effectiveness and Classroom Management

Inspired Discipline: The Five R’s of Motivation from the “Insight” Out

Seminars for School Bus Drivers and Pupil Transportation Associations

How to Bully Proof Your Bus

Seminars for Law Enforcement: Probation, Parole and Juvenile Justice

The Engaged Employee: Getting Your Team to Give It Their All

Beyond Bullying: Behavior and Aggression Management

" Edie, I believe you have a gift and I hope that you can continue sharing your knowledge with others to make this a better world for our children.
Sandra Trigoso
Palm Beaches YMCA

" Edie hits the nail on the head in her program, I Believe I Can Fly!
Dr. Susan J. Mendelsohn
Clinical Psychologist 

" Edie Raether clearly understands there is magic in every child. I Believe I Can Fly! identifies personal strengths, reinforces good choices, and promotes positive relationships, thus leaving us all empowered and inspired. “Absolutely delightful.
Stacy D. Leighton
Author and Trainer

"After witnessing a very dramatic increase in our son’s confidence and self esteem, we asked what so instantly inspired him.  He made reference to Ms. Edie’s CD and one of the five-minute guided imagery exercises. What is amazing is that we only played it once!
Steve and Ava Dunker
Proud Parents and Counselor