I Believe I Can Fly! is the first of a series of character building programs that create kind, courageous and compassionate kids. It is a complete system of thinking and includes an inspirational book, and a CD with guided mental imagery exercises to empower and create a positive belief system that facilitates healthy life choices. The blanket is a psychological trigger that plants seeds of greatness and transforms potential and possibilities into your child’s future success.

" Edie, I believe you have a gift and I hope that you can continue sharing your knowledge with others to make this a better world for our children.
Sandra Trigoso
Palm Beaches YMCA

" Edie hits the nail on the head in her program, I Believe I Can Fly!
Dr. Susan J. Mendelsohn
Clinical Psychologist 

" Edie Raether clearly understands there is magic in every child. I Believe I Can Fly! identifies personal strengths, reinforces good choices, and promotes positive relationships, thus leaving us all empowered and inspired. “Absolutely delightful.
Stacy D. Leighton
Author and Trainer

"After witnessing a very dramatic increase in our son’s confidence and self esteem, we asked what so instantly inspired him.  He made reference to Ms. Edie’s CD and one of the five-minute guided imagery exercises. What is amazing is that we only played it once!
Steve and Ava Dunker
Proud Parents and Counselor