I Believe I Can Fly! is an empowering character building program (ages 3-9) that creates kind, courageous, compassionate kids by increasing self-esteem and “right” thinking for your child’s health, happiness and success. By establishing positive behavior patterns and habits, your child will develop the life skills, resilience and psychological hardiness to overcome challenges and excel in all endeavors. It includes an inspirational book that facilitates healthy life choices and a CD with guided mental imagery exercises that create a positive belief system. The blanket is a psychological trigger that plants seeds of greatness and transforms potential and possibilities into remarkable kids. The manual provides guidelines for parents and teachers to help children discover and develop their natural gifts, strengths and inner genius.

Every Child Has the Potential to Be Remarkable..We know how to make it happen.

" Edie, I believe you have a gift and I hope that you can continue sharing your knowledge with others to make this a better world for our children.
Sandra Trigoso
Palm Beaches YMCA

" Edie hits the nail on the head in her program, I Believe I Can Fly!
Dr. Susan J. Mendelsohn
Clinical Psychologist 

" Edie Raether clearly understands there is magic in every child. I Believe I Can Fly! identifies personal strengths, reinforces good choices, and promotes positive relationships, thus leaving us all empowered and inspired. “Absolutely delightful.
Stacy D. Leighton
Author and Trainer

"After witnessing a very dramatic increase in our son’s confidence and self esteem, we asked what so instantly inspired him.  He made reference to Ms. Edie’s CD and one of the five-minute guided imagery exercises. What is amazing is that we only played it once!
Steve and Ava Dunker
Proud Parents and Counselor




Invest in Your Chlld’s Health, Happiness and Success.
Meet Edie

Edie is an internationally acclaimed authority in behavioral science and human potential development. A bestselling author of several books including Stop Bullying Now, Edie is a sought-after resource by such media as NBC, USA Today, Parenting, and Reuters. With expertise in the neuroscience of achievement and brain-based performance, Edie’s positive psychology training and parenting programs create caring cultures in the home, our schools and communities.
(Also visit Edie at www.stopbullyingwithedie.com)

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