This is a powerful book full of winning ideas on how to think and act like a winner. It will help you achieve success in any endeavor.

Edie Raether clearly understands there is magic in every child. I Believe I Can Fly! identifies personal strengths, reinforces good choices, and promotes positive relationships, thus leaving all empowered and inspired. Absolutely delightful!

Edie Raether really understands children’s needs in our ever-changing world where kids may be feeling less secure as well as a sense of disconnect with two working parents and so many single parent homes! She hits the nail on the head in her book, “I Believe I Can Fly.” Guiding children in a fun, creative way toward overall wellness by encouraging and inspiring them to put on their thinking caps enhances their sense of self-esteem and independent thinking that will transform their lives and guide them toward their greatest potentials! A real treat for parents, teachers and the kids themselves!

After playing just one 5-minute track one time, my 4-year-old son’s confidence exploded. There was an immediate and dramatic improvement.